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WordPress Header & Footer Builder Is Here


The header and footer areas are the backbones of every website. In the past, tasks like removing the space between header and body in WordPress required going into the PHP files of the theme.

Today, we take a deeper look into how Elementor Theme Builder gives you a powerful new way to edit your site’s header and footer, visually designing it however you like. Build powerful headers and footers on any WordPress theme in minutes.

We are also introducing 25+ new pre-designed header & footer templates that will help you get started easily, as well as a one-click Sticky Header feature. If you are looking for more inspiration, take a look at these inspiring examples of headers and footers, created using Elementor.

How to Edit Your WordPress Header, the New Way

From now on, you are no longer limited by your theme’s restrictions. 

Follow these steps to get it done easily:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Theme Builder
  • Click ‘Add New Template’ and choose ‘Header’
  • Name your header template and click ‘Create Header’
  • Now you’ll be able to either choose a pre-made header template, or create one from scratch.
  • Once you have made the needed changes to the header design, click ‘publish’, and choose where to publish the header. The default is ‘entire site’.
  • That’s it! You can now see your hand crafted header live on your site.

By bringing the power of the Elementor editor to the header and footer areas, you can design them you way you like, and be able to complete projects faster than ever. You can also save header and footer templates, and reuse them on any other project.

If you are beating yourself up right now for all the hours you lost in the past over your header design, we share your feelings. From now on, using Theme Builder, things are going to be much faster

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