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Rapid Toolmaking Service

Star Rapid has the equipment, the skill and the experience to help you create world-class rapid tooling for plastic injection molding and pressure die casting.


Rapid tooling or prototype tooling is a form of rapid prototyping that involves creating a mold instead of a part.

Once the mold has been created with the rapid tooling process, it can be utilized as part of a molding process to create multiple copies of a part. Rapid tooling is used to create molds in a shortened timeline.


Fast processing

Prototype tooling offers quick results, so the transition between development and production is very short.


The rapid tooling process still allows for advanced customization of the mold.

Proof of concept/testing

Rapid prototyping facilitates practical real-world design testing and troubleshooting. It also enables quick and precise production of new tooling that implements design changes and improvements.

Speed to market

Fast production and accurate molds contribute to efficiency in production, ultimately sending products to the market faster.

The Rapid Tooling Process

The rapid tooling process involves the creation of a mold using aluminum or soft steel, a stocked mold base, and hand-load inserts. Rapid tooling is ideal for small batch orders meant for use in marketing samples, product evaluations, and process design.

Traditional tooling is often prohibitively expensive for small projects. Our custom rapid tooling service offers a cost-effective, low-volume alternative in situations where large volumes of the part won’t be needed in the future. The rapid production tooling process is commonly used in industrial settings for prototyping or for diagnosing design issues.

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