Excellent equipment to create exquisite products

CNC Four-axis Machining

We have introduced the most advanced equipment machines to control the whole production and management for CNC. What is more, there are 15 pieces of machine with four-axis applied in our workshops. They are so powerful to support CNC manufacturing and ensure the highest quality of production. All the equipment is being processed. There are two majors of processing for CNC machining in our factory: The machining for main pipe material of four-axis & the general machining for three-axis. The four-axis machining is our head. We have the most advantage of manufacturing and controlling.

Systems from Japanese Mitsubishi

We have set up much higher standards for CNC manufacturing in the world.
Product qualities come first in our manufacturing
Our four-axis are imported from Taiwan Sanyo with 360 rotation function.
The precision of tolerance reaches as much as plus or minus 0.001 . And theequipment schematics of processing approaches 800X500.

Testing equipment

Turret machines are used to manufacturing and processing long parts during CNC machining. Especially the roof top , it has a tail, which greatly have comparative advantage.
They are imported from Taiwan. The turret machines are new generation, the precision tolerance is plus or minus 0.001.

High level lathe

All our millings accord to the modern advanced technique standards. The high level of lathes and technology ensure a good processing progress.
Moreover, all finished products can be offered at first time. As photos shows, our lathes and tech are so empowered to guarantee customers’ requirement.